I love Ministry Institute! I love the opportunities our students are given to obtain their college education without going into deep debt. The cost is reasonable. The benefits are immense.

Many of my readers are not familiar with Ministry Institute. Here is a link that will tell you about the program.   Ministry Institute

I wrote an open letter to the students in August 2016. I would like to update.

While I have not had any feedback from the first letter it has been read by over 100 people. I want you students to know how loved you are by the people of Foursquare. I pray for you. I know Roger prays for you by name. He has said so. You have so many prayers lifted up for you that you will never know. 

If this is your first year you are probably feeling more comfortable by now. Do not be discouraged. Stay sharp. Keep your hearts pure and your desire to know God more. It is easy to become complacent or become weighted down by the work of school and internship responsibilities. 

Look for the joy in each task. Encourage one another often. The first sentence in our mission statement is "We exist for the purpose of loving God and loving people." 


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