I love Ministry Institute! I love the opportunities our students are given to obtain their college education without going into deep debt. The cost is reasonable. The benefits are immense.

Many of my readers are not familiar with Ministry Institute. Here is a link that will tell you about the program.   Ministry Institute
I wrote an open letter to the students in August 2016. I would like to update.
While I have not had any feedback from the first letter it has been read by over 100 people. I want you students to know how loved you are by the people of Foursquare. I pray for you. I know Roger prays for you by name. He has said so. You have so many prayers lifted up for you that you will never know. 
If this is your first year you are probably feeling more comfortable by now. Do not be discouraged. Stay sharp. Keep your hearts pure and your desire to know God more. It is easy to become complacent or become weighted down by the work of school and internship responsibilities. 
Look for t…

Punishment or Protection

Do you feel like others have let you down?
Do you blame God for your current circumstances?

Did you do everything most of the time in a relationship?
Did you truly forgive?
Did you truly put the other first?
Did you pray?
Did you?

No one is perfect. We all fail. We are all guilty of not being kind all the time.
We all sometimes get priorities out of order.

I did try.
I did pray.
I did forgive.

I have examined motives.
I have examined priorities.
I have examined where I went wrong.

I was faithful.
I was correctable.
I was also blinded.

Do you blame God when it all falls apart?
Do you blame God because you trusted?
Do you accuse God of not caring?
Do you accuse God of not keeping promises?

Do you just blame yourself?
You didn’t see it. You must not be good enough.
You don’t deserve to be loved.
You are just too imperfect to keep it all together.

Maybe you did what is required.
Maybe you did more…

God loves you.
God loves you even when…
God cares about you.
God always keeps His…

Open letter to MI students

Dearest MI Students,
I am so excited for you as you enter or continue this journey of higher education. I am a mom, grand mom, fellow ministry leader, fellow member of the church. I pray for each of you but I don't really know any of you well. I do know a few of you by name. I love hearing about the successes of each one. I pray for your struggles and triumphs. I pray for your relationships with each other and your families. I pray for your perseverance in your studies and your striving for excellence in all areas of your lives.
I would like to encourage you to grow in your faith. Make sure it is a personal faith now. You are young adults who may or may not have a firm foundation built by your families and home churches. It is time for real personal faith. This means you will be tested. You will have tragedies among you. You will have joy among you. You will have emotions you may have never experienced personally before now. Temptations will be hovering. I will not list them but …

Powered by Promise A Life Surrendered

I wanted to share these sermon notes with you. I take a lot of notes and then I usually write them out so I can apply them in a more useful personal way.This is my way of remembering and applying. Share in the comments your way of absorbing what you learn from your pastor.

Our sermon series this year is Powered by Promise. We are hearing about God's promises through different people in the Bible. We have already heard from Peter, Paul, Jesus and Abraham. This week started in the words of Joseph. I have really loved this series. I want to share what I learned today as it applies to everyone. Everyone experiences fear. Everyone needs to choose whether to allow fear to bind them or surrender to God and be free.
Joseph's story is very intense. Here is a short synopsis. 
Joseph was his father's favorite son. His father favored him above all of his older brothers. This favor gave Joseph's brothers an excuse to hate him. I think Joseph probably liked being the favorite. He proba…

Thanksgiving 2014

30 days of Thanksgiving 2014Thanksgiving Time for the annual month of Thanksgiving...

Day 1 
I am thankful for rain.

Day 2
I am thankful for a home that is shelter from the elements and is also a safe place to just be.

Day 3 
I am very thankful for good health. I pray it continues. I am certainly doing my part. 

Day 4 
I am thankful to have the ability to freely vote and have a voice in elections. For everyone who votes there are many who don't bother. However small your voice it doesn't count if you don't vote.

Day 5 
I am thankful for my parents. I feel fortunate to have four of them all still here. My parents are all available any time and even though we are distanced by the miles the phone is only a moment away.

Day 6
I am incredibly thankful that even though I lost a husband I did not lose the family I have been a part of for the past 35 years. Love you and am thankful for you...Ida ThomasWilliam ThomasMandy Hale ThomasRon ThomasDavid ThomasEllen Hagen Collins and those…

Thanksgiving 2015

30 days of thanks
Thankful for Fall. Football, cinnamon and cloves, pumpkins, rain...
Day 2 
I am thankful for peace. Peace that is a gift from God. Continue to calm my heart oh God and may I retain the peace that passes all understanding.
Day 3  I am thankful for open communication. My children and grands know they can tell me anything and we can talk about anything.  Honesty is utmost and as long as there is honesty nothing is off the table.
Day 4
I am thankful for cold fall days and nights. And for fleece, fleece blankets, fleece socks, fleece scarves, ...
Day 5 
I am thankful we can find something to celebrate every day! Did you know there are day of' for every single day? Today we will celebrate American Football Day, Love your red hair day and National Doughnut Day!
Day 6 
I am thankful for FaceTime. Thank you Bea and Matt for being available for a little bug who misses extended family. She actually fell asleep listening to your voices talking to Josh. We had …

Love Is...

Have you found true love?Do you know what true love is? What does it look like? How does it feel? Where is it?
When I was a child I thought I knew all about love. I thought it was something that zapped you one day and it would last forever. I believed in fairy tale love. Where the beautiful girl or handsome boy would find their one true love and live happily ever after.
When I was a teen I thought I knew nothing about love. I had been through several losses. My Grandmother had passed and I had not been allowed to grieve and say goodbye. My parents did not love each other anymore. We moved more than once. I thought there was really no such thing as love. It was an elusive feeling that did not mean anything real.
When I was a young adult I thought I had rediscovered the love I knew as a child. I was swept off my feet by a young man. He wanted me. He loved me. He said this love was forever. It was not.
I discovered the love a mother has for her child. This child who grew inside of me was specia…